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At Birbilo ...

At Birbilo, the safety and health of our guests, our staff and the local community is a non-negotiable priority. Protecting our guests and our employees is the guide of our every decision.

In particularly critical moments, such as the ones we all live in, we had to, if we wanted to remain faithful to our culture, carefully plan each of our operations, taking into account all the necessary safety measures & aiming at absolute cleanliness and maintaining a healthy environment. preventing the spread of the virus.

With a sense of responsibility we are in constant contact with the competent Services and harmonize with the official Directives of the International and National Health Organization (WHO, EODY), regarding the situation we all face due to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Our company has implemented the following measures in order to protect the Health and Safety of all, in our restaurants and to ensure that every meal takes place in a completely protected environment.

In our restaurant we have strengthened the hygiene measures in order to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Therefore, with the start of the reopening, we ensure the following additional measures:

It’s required to show a valid certificate of vaccination or illness when entering the interior of our restaurant.

As well as demonstration of a negative 48h rapid test for unvaccinated customers when entering the outside of our restaurant.

For children between 4-17 years old, it is necessary to show a negative 24h self-test when entering the restaurant.

Use protective covers in the catalogs so that you can successfully disinfect them immediately after each use.

Promotion of contactless transactions.

Systematic hand hygiene by employees and distribution of antiseptic in central points in the store.

Heat measurement of each employee before each shift and keeping a health record.
Individual packaging with antiseptic wipe and cutlery which have been disinfected before each use.

Disinfection of table seats after each change of guests.

Use of personal protection measures by all staff & face or mask shields for colleagues working in the reception, service and kitchen

Addition of additional cleaning staff with basic responsibility for the systematic disinfection of the area and the points of common contact.

Replacement of multipurpose items on the tables (pepper mill, salt, etc.) with individual portions.


Continuous information and training of employees for the Prevention & Protection Instructions of EFET and EODY

Daily thermometry of the staff before the start of work

Submitting unvaccinated workers to 2 rapid tests per week, as required by law.

Frequent hand washing with the use of antiseptic in all areas (in addition to the one required by the Food Safety System of the company)

Non-negotiable use of gloves and mask during the preparation by our chefs with regular change and disinfection

Minimize human contact and maintain distances between staff

Operation with specific staff and strict restrictions on entry to external partners.

Restaurant Areas

Frequent application of disinfection, microbicide for SARS-CoV-2 virus by the method of cold spray.

Intensification of disinfection of frequently used surfaces and objects (with approved pesticides)

Carrying out systematic and adequate ventilation

Additional safety measures when receiving and storing raw materials

We are here and will continue to be with the aim of continuing our activities as smoothly as possible, with respect and priority to the health and safety of our guests and people.


Thank you very much for your trust.

Possible transmission of COVID-19 through food

COVID-19 is a disease of the respiratory system and the main route of transmission is through person-to-person contact and direct contact with inhaled droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

To date there is no evidence of transmission of viruses causing respiratory diseases through food or through food packaging. Coronaviruses cannot multiply in food.

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